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I'm a medical illustrator, artist, and craft-maker.



I am a science-loving artist from West Palm Beach, FL.  My fixation with anatomy was apparent as a little kid when I started to draw animals and monsters with "pipes" from end to end. 


Originally a figurative charcoal artist and oil-painter, I earned a BFA in 2016 through a coordinated degree program at the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where I majored in Fine Art and minored in Biology. I earned a Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. There, I discovered ways to jump off a canvas and create scientific art in 3D, including models of anatomy, cells, and proteins based on raw imaging data. 


In 2019, I began my career as a medical illustrator for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I joined Stream Studios in the Division of Otolaryngology, and formed RIVER: Medical Illustration in the Department of Radiology. I also enjoy collaborating with the CHAMP 3D Printing Lab. 

I make visual media that communicates medicine and science.

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